Wedding Table Quizzes! Printable alternative guestbook idea, typographical vintage design

November 12, 2014 by Faffy Tea

Brand new by Faffy Tea, we have printable wedding table quizzes, an alternative guestbook idea or simply to entertain your guests at the wedding breakfast!

You can print as many as you need (from home or a professional printers) for all your guests for just one cost!

Wedding table quizzes, alternative guestbook

The quiz cards 3 per A4 page and look great on flecked or natural coloured card. However, the simple, vintage typography would suit most colour schemes or wedding themes.

Wedding Table Quizzes | Gay wedding

We have ‘Bride & Groom’, ‘Groom & Groom’ and ‘Bride & Bride’ variations!

Bride and Bride Printable Wedding Table Quizzes

We hope you like them!

pointing handBUY ON ETSY: BRIDE & GROOM £2.50

pointing handBUY ON ETSY: GROOM & GROOM £2.50

pointing handBUY ON ETSY: BRIDE & BRIDE £2.50



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