Unusual kids party theme ideas – very unique and fun themes for children’s birthday parties!

May 11, 2015 by Faffy Tea

Here are our top 5 unusual and memorable theme ideas for kids’ birthday parties:

1. Mad Scientist Party

  • Have a green, orange and black colour theme
  • Have your guests come dressed in labcoats and goggles!
  • For party food include popping candy, gold and silver edible glitter, and green jelly
  • Entertain guests by getting them to do science experiments (baking soda volcano and so on)
  • For party favours, fill test tubes with sweets


2. Art Party

  • Use all the colours of the rainbow for decorations and tableware
  • Decorate your venue with frames, easels and paper ‘splats’
  • Get guests to decorate their own cupcake dessert, with edible paint, sprinkles and sweets in a plastic art palette
  • Let guests scribble on the tablecloth too!
  • For easy party favours these could include pens, a mini paint set, face paints and so on


3. Enchanted Garden Party

  • Decorate your venue as a fairytale garden – use fake ivy, gold glitter, swans and butterflies
  • Get guests to make their own miniature garden!
  • Have a tea party theme for party food – with dainty sandwiches and cakes
  • Make a centrepiece using wellington boots and fake flowers
  • For party favours, give all guests a pair of fairy wings or butterfly wings to wear and take home


4. Space Puppies Party

  • Why not amalgamate two completely different things that your child loves?
  • Decorate with stars, planets and rockets… and then mix in puppies, bones and lots of googly eyes
  • Give your guests unusual ‘space age’ food – marshmallows, sherbet, edible glitter and so on
  • Let guests play with glow sticks and glow bracelets (turn down the lights)
  • Use a puppy toy with a paper-mache spaceman helmet (made from a balloon) as the centrepiece


5. Detective Party

  • Turn your venue into a detective headquarters – decorate with suitcases, drawers, clipboards and binder clips
  • When guests arrive give them their own detective glasses and magnifying glass
  • Entertain guests by setting up a treasure hunt for them to solve clues
  • Decorate party food with edible paint fingerprints
  • Serve doughnuts, drinks in takeaway “coffee” cups, moustaches and edible rice paper ‘notes’




  1. Izzy says:

    Some fab ideas here, thanks! The Mad Scientist idea is my favourite. Kids love watching things explode and making potions. Plus you could even make it educational if you wanted!

    • Faffy Tea says:

      That’s a great idea; you could definitely have Mad Scientist party games that are educational at the same time as being super fun!

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