Top 5 Unusual Party Games for Adults

August 11, 2014 by Faffy Tea

Hey! We recently wrote a part 2 to this blog post with 5 more game ideas. Check it out: Top 5 Unusual Party Games for Adults Part 2


We’ve put together a list of five very unique party games aimed at big kids. If you’re looking for games that your guests have probably never ever played before, have a go at trying some of these:


Unusual party games for adults Instead of using wrapping paper or newspaper, in “Extreme Pass the Parcel” all prizes are wrapped in mounds and mounds of cling film / saran wrap.

Start off with a centre ball of newspaper to create the shape, then wrap around more and more cling film adding prizes, sweets or forfeits as you go.

Players will be able to see prizes through the film, making the gameplay very frustrating!

HOW TO PLAY: Players have 30 seconds each to unwrap as much cling film as they can, and can keep whatever items they manage to free from the pass the parcel in that time.


Free Me Game This is a game for outdoors or in a room where you can wipe up water (e.g. a kitchen).

Print out 2 pictures of the birthday boy, birthday girl, bride-to-be, leaver or whoever else the party is in honour of, and laminate the image.

Freeze the laminated images in two containers of water the same size. We would suggest ice cream tubs or medium-sized bowls.

TIP: When the water is slushy, try and ensure that the laminated image is not at the very bottom or top of the container – push it further into the slush.

Once the water is fully frozen, remove the blocks of ice containing the images from their containers.

HOW TO PLAY: Split the guests into two teams and give each of them a block of ice. The teams must free the person from the block of ice in the fastest time possible, using whatever method they want to melt the ice: breathe on it, rub it with hands, sit on it etc. They cannot smash the ice block, and if they rip the laminated image they lose!


Doughnutz GameTie one long piece of string or rope between two door handles, or wherever you can affix a rope to ensure it’s horizontal and at the same level. Keep the string low down if possible to make it harder for adults.

String a good number of ringed doughnuts through the string or rope.

HOW TO PLAY: Tie guests hands behind their backs. They must kneel down and bite as many doughnuts off the rope as they can in 1 minute.


The Lap Game Sit all guests in a circle, making sure that everyone can sit on an item of furniture.

Ask the players a number of questions one by one.

If they can answer yes to the question then they must move one seat clockwise. If they can’t answer yes to the question they must stay where they are. As you can imagine people are going to have to share a seat!

PLAYERS ARE OUT OF THE GAME IF: They are the third person sitting on one seat
A PLAYER WINS IF: They are the first person to make it back to their seat

Questions depend on how well you know your guests, or how risque you want to be, but some example questions:

– Have you ever been stopped by the police?
– Have you ever cheated on test?
– Can you roll your tongue?
– Have you ever cried in a cinema?
– Do you have to wear glasses?
– Are you scared of clowns?


Category Runner GamePut together lists of categories with 10 answers each. 7 answers correctly fall into that category and 3 do not.

An easy example is below. You might want to make things a little harder:

“Films starring Tom Hanks”
Forrest Gump / Captain Phillips / That Thing You Do / Mission Impossible* / You’ve Got Mail / Million Dollar Baby* / The Green Mile / Finding Private Ryan / The Goonies* / Philadelphia (* = wrong answer)

You could make them more personal to your friends, or have categories that match the party theme.

HOW TO PLAY: You need a fairly big room or large location such as a a garden. Split your guests into two teams and make them stand in a circle around the edge of the room/garden. You might want to ‘draw’ a circle with a string so that there is a definitely line for the guests to stay behind. In the centre of the guests put something they have to touch/grab that makes a noise: a bell, a buzzer, a gong, a kazoo etc.

Tell your guests the name of the first category, and then slowly read out the 10 answers in a random order. If a guest hears an item that does NOT fit the category they can choose to run to the middle and try to be the first person to grab and make noise with the object.

If that first person is WRONG then they are out of the game and must sit down on the outside of the circle. If they are RIGHT they can pick someone from the opposite team to be out of the game. If nobody gets the wrong answer or wants to risk running to the centre then you move on to the next category.

The winning team is the team who has one person left standing!

Unusual Advent Calendar


Hey! We recently wrote a part 2 to this blog post with 5 more game ideas. Check it out: Top 5 Unusual Party Games for Adults Part 2



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