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  1. It’s Hen Party Season! Here are all our fab Hen Party kits and games, including free printables

    April 12, 2017 by Faffy Tea

    As Hen Party season is in full swing, we thought it would be handy to post a list of all of our printables in one place.

    90s Hen Party Theme

    Inspired by the Memphis School design style, “Saved by the Bell”, Dreamphone and fabrics we wore in the 1990s!

    Party Kit (printable invitations, decorations, partyware, buffet or drinks table accessories)
    I Have Never… (printable question cards)
    Drawing Game (“Pictionary” style game cards)
    Spill the Beans (icebreaker questions / confessions / silliness cards)
    (FREE) Forfeit cards
    (FREE) The Phone Game (printable sheets)
    (FREE) ‘Would you ever…’ (printable icebreaker questions sheet)


    1950s Housewife or Grease Hen Party

    Inspired by 1950s interior design, diners and retro advertisements – this kitsch theme would be perfect for a fifties housewife or Grease themed Hen Party!

    Party Kit (printable invitations, decorations, partyware, buffet or drinks table accessories, thank yous)
    I Have Never… (printable question cards)
    Drawing Game (“Pictionary” style game cards)
    3-Hour Scavenger Hunt (town or city-based daytime scavenger hunt for Hen Party groups) Etsy Link
    Poem Game
    (FREE) Forfeit cards


    Printable Chicks & Bows Hen Party Decorations

    Inspired by the “shabby chic” style, country kitchens and pinboards – a theme for a classy bride who hates pink and glittery stuff!

    Party Kit (printable invitations, decorations, partyware, buffet or drinks table accessories, thank yous)
    I Have Never… (printable question cards)
    Drawing Game (“Pictionary” style game cards)
    3-Hour Scavenger Hunt (town or city-based daytime scavenger hunt for Hen Party groups)
    Poem Game Etsy Link
    (FREE) Forfeit cards


    Follow the links to find out more, or browse in our Etsy Shop


  2. New Christmas 2016 Range: Enchanted Christmas Forest and new Printable Party Kit

    September 30, 2016 by Faffy Tea

    “Wishing you an Enchanted Christmas”

    Announcing our new range for Christmas 2016 – the Enchanted Christmas Forest!

    This new Faffy Tea theme depicts a magical snowy winter forest, complete with a reindeer. We’ve used a collage effect with fabrics and textures creating a unique, traditional, “shabby chic” design.

    Printable Christmas Party Pack

    Our first product available in this range is our printable Christmas Party Kit, which contains everything you need for an instant Christmas Party:

    – Decorative Sign
    – Bunting in 2 sizes
    – Cake & Food Toppers
    – Foldable Food Labels
    – Circle Food Labels or Stickers
    – Cupcake & Muffin Wrappers
    – Mini ‘Cocktail’ Flags
    – Straw Flags

    All you need to do is purchase the pack for a one-off cost, download the files, and then print as many copies as you need from home. Feel free to cover your entire house in beautiful Enchanted Christmas bunting!

    Christmas Cake Toppers

    Printable Christmas Party Cupcake Wrappers

    We’ll be adding more Partyware and Games from this range over October and November so keep an eye out in our Etsy Christmas shop.

    Pointing hand BUY ON ETSY £10 + EU VAT



  3. Free Mother’s Day eCards – greetings graphics for your Mum’s Facebook Wall, WhatsApp or MMS!

    March 4, 2016 by Faffy Tea

    Firstly we apologise for not posting for so long. A massive influx of freelance work has kept our chief designer Jodi very busy over the last couple of months!

    Today we’d like to share with you some free ecards / graphics for Mother’s Day this Sunday 6th March!

    Download and post one of these on your Mum’s Facebook wall, send to her through WhatsApp, tweet it to her, or send via text.

    Choose your favourite design and then click on the picture to download the larger version:


    Mother's Day Facebook Graphic


    Mother's Day Facebook Graphic 2


    Mother's Day Facebook Graphic



  4. Hen Party Scavenger Hunt – Vintage, shabby chic 3-hour hunt for towns or cities

    February 9, 2015 by Faffy Tea

    Our tried-and-tested Scavenger Hunt for Hen Parties is now available in our shabby chic “Chicks & Bows” range.

    The hunt is suitable for a town or city location, and needs at least 3 people per team. We have tested the hunt around Bournemouth town centre, and most of the teams managed to complete all of the tasks within 3 hours.

    There are items to bring back, things to photograph and little tasks for the teams to complete (with photographic evidence).

    Scavenger Hunt for Hen Parties

    Here are some of the tasks included in the hunt!

    Bring back:
    – A job application form (the funnier the better!)
    – A home-made gift for the bride-to-be
    – Foreign currency

    – A swear word spelled out creatively
    – Evidence of a kiss from someone over 65
    – A human postcard

    Team Tasks (photograph):
    – Dress a team member in as many layers as you can (*See the photo evidence!)
    – Find a look-a-like of one member of your team
    – Look lost in a lingerie department

    Hen Party Scavenger Hunt

    “Dress a team member in as many layers as you can”

    Our printable scavenger hunt can be purchased from our Etsy Shop: for just £3!




  5. A Vintage Christmas – Classic and vintage-inspired Crafts, DIY, Decor ideas, and Partyware

    October 29, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    We are very inspired by the Christmasses of the past!

    On Pinterest we’ve been searching for vintage and vintage-inspired Christmas decorations, crafts, wrapping and partyware, as well as free graphics and ideas for some DIY projects before the big day! We will be adding to the board up until Christmas so why not give us a follow?

    Follow Faffy Tea’s board A Vintage Christmas – Decorating & Craft Ideas on Pinterest.


  6. Hen Party Game Idea No. 3: I Have Never…

    October 13, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Here is our third Hen Party game idea!


    How to Play:
    This is a game to get to know your fellow hen party goers! Please note that this is a drinking game and can often get a little risqué, so is not recommended if playing with under 18s, family members or friends who are a little conservative. However, the game does not necessarily have to be rude if you make cards for the game in advance.

    So in advance, make up or purchase cards that have a statement saying “Never Have I Ever” and then a crazy or unusual event or situation that many of the group might not have done or experienced. Some examples are:

    ‘… Been arrested’
    ‘… Pee’d in a swimming pool’
    ‘… Bungee jumped’

    Make sure that an alcoholic drink is poured for all players, and mix up and place the cards face down. Everyone takes it in turn to pick and card and reads aloud to the group: “Never have I ever…. ”. Everyone in the group who HAS done the thing on the card has to take a gulp of their drink.

    When the cards have run out, players should be relaxed enough to start making up their own “Never have I ever” statements!

    Retro 1950s Hen Party I Have Never Cards Shabby Chic Hen Party I Have Never Game Cards

    We have I Have Never Game cards in our Etsy shop for instant download!

    There are cards with a Retro 1950s theme, and also with a Shabby Chic Chickens theme. Also included in both sets are blank cards with the same design so you can add your own personalised statements.

    Download and print as many as you want from home for only £1.50 each! BUY NOW



  7. FREE Printable Christmas Village Garland – Cute, quirky banner decoration for the holidays!

    October 7, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    A freebie from our new Christmas range!

    FREE printable Christmas Village garland – with old English cottages, houses, a church and snow covered pine trees.

    Print out as many of the village shapes as you need on to plain card, and then string them up around your house or party venue.
    Free printable Christmas Village garland

    It’s not too early to start crafting and planning your Christmas decorating! Download the files using the link below:

    Pointing hand DOWNLOAD NOW

    Have you seen the rest of our Christmas range that matches this garland? Take a look at



  8. Weekend Flash Sale! 20% off all printable Party Packs until Sunday night

    September 5, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Sorry, the flash sale has now ended. We’ll have another one nearer to Christmas!

    Flash Sale Faffy Tea

    We have a Flash Sale this weekend!

    20% off all printable Party Packs (including the two hen party ranges) until Sunday 7th September at 8pm.

    This is your chance to get everything you need for an awesome party. For just £8 sale price, download and print as many invitations, bunting, signs and thank yous as you need.

    Pointing hand VISIT FAFFY TEA’s ETSY SHOP


  9. Hen Party Game Idea No. 1: The Drawing Game

    August 18, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Are you looking for tried-and-tested Hen Party games that are a lot of fun? Here’s the first idea:


    This is a Pictionary style game, best played in front of a crowd. Remember ‘Win, Lose or Draw’ from the late 90s / early 00s?

    What you Need:
    • Drawing Game item cards OR your own words and phrases
    • A large sheet of paper, preferably on a stand or easel
    • Pens
    • Some way of timing the game e.g. phone countdown timer app

    How to Play:
    Split the hen party guests into two teams and share out the game cards (or your own words and phrases) face down.

    Each team takes it in turn to pick a member to be the Artist for the first round. The Artist from the 1st team selects a card from the selection (keeping it hidden from their team), and then has 30 seconds to draw the thing/phrase/person on the first card, whilst their team members shout out guesses. If somebody on their team guesses correctly within the time that team gets a point.

    The Artist from the 2nd team then draws one card for their team to guess.

    All team members must take turns being an Artist until the cards run out (or it’s time for food!). The team with the most points at the end wins.


    Retro 1950s Hen Party Drawing Game
    We have Drawing Game cards in our Etsy shop for instant download!

    There are two Hen Party themes for the cards – a Retro 1950s and a Shabby Chic “Chicks & Bows” theme. Each set has 54 cards with words or phrases to draw. 36 cards have “Wedding”, “Romance” or “Movie” (Rom Com) words. 18 cards are optional and have more risque words or phrases. Download and print as many as you want for only £2.



  10. FREE printable “Chicks & Bows” shabby chic hen party forfeit cards

    July 31, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    A freebie from our new shabby chic / vintage style Hen Party range “Chicks & Bows”

    18 x forfeit cards for use at a hen party… these can be used as part of another hen party game or on their own for a bit of fun.

    Free vintage shabby chic hen party forfeits cards The forfeits are for adults only – they are a little risqué but not as rude as some hen party paraphernalia!

    We have a matching party pack and other hen matching hen party games that can be purchased from our Etsy shop, but these cards are completely free to download and use.

    Print yourself at home on a normal inkjet or laser printer. The 18 cards fit on one sheet of A4 card or paper. We have also included in the download some ‘blank’ cards so you can add your own forfeits. Have fun and don’t forget to send us some photos of you using the cards at your hen do!