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  1. Bored Kids? Top 5 free ideas to beat the school holiday boredom!

    August 9, 2016 by Faffy Tea

    “I’m boooooorrrrred!”

    Children often complain of being bored when they’re off on their school summer holidays! And parents don’t often have the time or money to take them on expensive day trips, sports activities, cinema and so on.

    Here are our top five FREE ideas to beat the boredom!


    Free Printable Kids Scavenger Hunt

    Give your kids a list of fun items to gather and tick off, or fun challenges. You can hunt outdoors in a garden, park or forest (natural items, creepy crawlies, litter) or indoors (“5 items that are red”, “exactly 50ml of water”, a screwdriver). You can even create a photo scavenger hunt and have kids photograph a list of things and present them to you when they’re finished. Scavenger hunts are great because they can be played in any location, and individually or in a group.

    We have a free kids’ outdoor scavenger hunt that you can print off at home, and it comes in three designs.

    Click on the links below to download!
    Monsters Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
    Birdie Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
    Nautical/Pirate Outdoor Scavenger Hunt


    There are tons of free printable paper crafts for kids available on blogs, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Here are just a few:


    You can find more free kids printables on our Pinterest board.


    Monster Hunt Printable Game

    A free printable game by Faffy Tea!

    Hide our cute monsters around your house, garden or outdoor area and get the kids to find them all!

    There are 12 numbered monsters to print and cut out. Each Monster prints to an A4 page, so you can use normal printer paper or white card.

    Find out more & download


    Rain and Rainbows Free Board Game Craft

    There are also lots of free printable board games for kids available around the web.

    Kids will have so much fun cutting and crafting a board game that they can play afterwards! Here are just a few:


    You can find more free kids games on our Pinterest board.


    Boredom Buster Jar

    This is a fab idea – a jar full of suggestions/tasks of things to do whenever kids complain that they are bored!

    Why not make your own at the start of the summer holidays?

    Or you can download a set of free printable activity cards to add to your jar, and then decorate / prettify it to create a boredom buster kit.

    Find the free printables over at While He Was Napping Blog.



  2. Free “Monster Hunt” Printable Party Game for Kids – 12 cute monsters to hide around your venue

    August 24, 2015 by Faffy Tea

    Faffy Tea says: A few visitors have been having an issue with the PDF file for this printable! Please try and download again as we have changed the link. Or alternatively, download the zip folder.


    Today we have created another free kid-friendly party game to match our Monsters theme!

    Monster Hunt Printable Game

    There are 12 cute, numbered monsters to print, cut out and hide around your venue. Get the guests to find all of them! Each Monster prints to an A4 page, so you can use normal printer paper or white card.

    Game options:

    • Split guests into teams and make each Monster Hunter Team collect photo evidence that they have found all 12 monsters on a phone, camera or iPad.
    • Get guest to work together to collect up all of the monsters in the fastest time possible
    • Put a prize by each monster so that the more monsters the guests find, the more prizes they get to keep
    • Write a clue on the back of each monster, that leads the guests to the next monster, so that the game becomes a treasure hunt!


    Kids Monster Themed Party Game





  3. Monsters Art Prints Set – Printable artwork for a nursery or bedroom with cute, monstrous characters!

    June 12, 2015 by Faffy Tea

    Monsters Art Print SetRAAAWR! Everyone loves cute monsters!

    For cheap and easy wall decorations for a nursery or kid’s bedroom, you can download our printable Monsters art prints and then print and frame them yourself.

    The Monsters artwork set would make a lovely inexpensive gift too – perhaps for a baby shower or first birthday? The set of six is just £4.00, and you can download instantly from Etsy.

    The prints are all 8 x 10 inches, and provided as A4 size files, so you can print from a normal home printer and put in standard-sized picture frames (white frames would look lovely!).

    pointing handBUY MONSTERS ART SET



  4. Weekend Flash Sale! 20% off all printable Party Packs until Sunday night

    September 5, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Sorry, the flash sale has now ended. We’ll have another one nearer to Christmas!

    Flash Sale Faffy Tea

    We have a Flash Sale this weekend!

    20% off all printable Party Packs (including the two hen party ranges) until Sunday 7th September at 8pm.

    This is your chance to get everything you need for an awesome party. For just £8 sale price, download and print as many invitations, bunting, signs and thank yous as you need.

    Pointing hand VISIT FAFFY TEA’s ETSY SHOP


  5. Monster Party Pack in Action!

    August 17, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    This week we’ve been photographing Faffy Tea products in “real life”! Here is our Monsters Party Pack in action.

    Monsters Party Pack Printables by Faffy Tea

    It’s so easy and cheap to grab one of our party packs and print all of your invitations, decorations and thank yous from home… just add food and drink for a instant party. You can cover your entire house in bunting if you want to! And all for a tenner.

    Pointing hand BUY ‘MONSTERS’ PARTY PACK ON ETSY £10

    Monster Invitations by Faffy Tea
    Monsters Party Sign by Faffy Tea

    Monster Cake Toppers by Faffy Tea
    Monsters Bunting by Faffy Tea


  6. FREE printable Monsters forfeit cards for kids birthday parties

    August 4, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Free Monsters Forfeit CardsMore free printables!

    18 x forfeit cards, with a cute hairy monster design, for a kid’s party, gathering, or just a rainy afternoon… these can be used within another game (Pass-the-Parcel) or on their own for a bit of fun.

    The forfeits are child friendly and family friendly (suitable for all ages). Also included in the download is a printable sheet of ‘blank’ cards (design without the text) so you can add your own.

    The “Monsters” theme matches our printable party pack that can be purchased on our Etsy shop, but these cards are completely free.

    Print yourself at home on a normal inkjet or laser printer. The 18 cards fit on one sheet of A4 card or paper.



  7. FREE monster printable Scavenger Hunt game for kids birthday

    July 23, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Free printable monster scavenger huntMore freebies!

    A free printable scavenger hunt (PDF) for a kid’s birthday party in a cute monster design. The hunt has 14 items for the kids to collect, and needs to be outside within a garden, park, woodland or outdoor attraction.

    The monsters theme matches our printable party pack that can be purchased from our Etsy shop, but this scavenger hunt printable is completely free to download and use.

    Print yourself at home on a normal inkjet or laser printer. Two hunt sheets fit on one sheet of A4 card or paper.