Self Care / Mindfulness Advent Calendar – 24 printable self care cards and mini envelopes

November 1, 2017 by Faffy Tea

Finding the time to take proper care of yourself can be hard. Our lives are busy and stressful.

This December, instead of having a piece of chocolate or a gin every day in your advent calendar, you can instead get a little self care tip.

Show yourself some kindness and spend a little bit of time on your wellbeing every day this Christmas / Holiday season with our Self Care / Mindfulness Advent Calendar.

Self Care Advent Calendar

Our printable calendar consists of 24 mini envelopes (with calming festive images), and 24 self care cards with activities for the day which can be used in any order.

Mindfulness Printable Advent Calendar

Cards include activities such as:

  • On your commute to work or lunch break, find five things you think are beautiful and make a mental note
  • Play your favourite song of all time (as loud as possible) and sing or dance along. Play it twice if you have time!
  • In a notebook, start to write down any compliments you receive over the next month so that you can look back on them later on

Self Care Wellbeing Advent Calendar

Print, cut and stick the envelopes together, add a card for each day, and then string or stick them on your wall.

Self Care Advent Calendar - printable mindfulness

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