Hen Party Scavenger Hunt – Vintage, shabby chic 3-hour hunt for towns or cities

February 9, 2015 by Faffy Tea

Our tried-and-tested Scavenger Hunt for Hen Parties is now available in our shabby chic “Chicks & Bows” range.

The hunt is suitable for a town or city location, and needs at least 3 people per team. We have tested the hunt around Bournemouth town centre, and most of the teams managed to complete all of the tasks within 3 hours.

There are items to bring back, things to photograph and little tasks for the teams to complete (with photographic evidence).

Scavenger Hunt for Hen Parties

Here are some of the tasks included in the hunt!

Bring back:
– A job application form (the funnier the better!)
– A home-made gift for the bride-to-be
– Foreign currency

– A swear word spelled out creatively
– Evidence of a kiss from someone over 65
– A human postcard

Team Tasks (photograph):
– Dress a team member in as many layers as you can (*See the photo evidence!)
– Find a look-a-like of one member of your team
– Look lost in a lingerie department

Hen Party Scavenger Hunt

“Dress a team member in as many layers as you can”

Our printable scavenger hunt can be purchased from our Etsy Shop: for just £3!




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