Hen Party Game Idea No. 5: Sticker “Icebreaker” Game – Unusual, fun, party game

June 19, 2015 by Faffy Tea

Unusual Hen Party Game Idea

Here’s an unusual idea for a Hen Party or Hen Night game! A game to help “break the ice” and get your guests mingling and having fun.


Unusual Hen Party Game

1. Buy or make some bow shaped stickers in your party’s colour scheme.


Hen Party Sticker Game

2. Pick a word or phrase that will be banned for the entire evening e.g. Groom’s name.


Hen Party Game Idea

3. Give each of your guests 3 bow stickers to wear…


Fun Hen Party Game

4. If any guest hears another guest saying the banned word, they can steal one of their stickers!


Hen Night Games

5. The party guest with the most bows at the end of the evening wins! Have fun!



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  1. THis sound like a really fun game, I will be trying this out as soon as posssible

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