Hen Party Game Idea No. 4: Quick Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

September 7, 2016 by Faffy Tea

Over the weekend we attended a Hen Party at Wallops Wood Cottages, self catering cottages in a beautiful rural location in Droxford, Hampshire.

We were of course always planning to bring along some games for the guests to play, including a scavenger hunt, but the rural nature of the location meant that our Printable 3-Hour Town & City Scavenger Hunts just wouldn’t cut the mustard!

So we created a quick team scavenger hunt for a rural or outdoor location, and thought we would share the entire hunt so you can organise your own one. It was so much fun, and would suit any Hen Party / Bachelorette Party / Bridal Shower as it’s not rude in any way and only takes 30 mins. Photos coming soon!

Hen Party Outdoor Fun


Rules: In teams you have 30 minutes to photograph or bring back the items below. There is 1 point for each item, but you don’t have to hunt them all if you don’t have time so choose carefully!


  1. The word “‹BRIDE’S NAME›” spelled out with three photos
  2. An animal smaller than a hand
  3. An arrow
  4. Something dead
  5. An unusual shaped cloud
  6. A spiderweb
  7. “The wind”
  8. One member of your team up a tree
  9. “Bride and Groom’s first date”
  10. Your team breaking the law
  11. A 3-person human pyramid
  12. A team member dressed in as many layers as possible
  13. An angel drawn on a team member’s body



  1. A home made bridal gift for the bride
  2. A home made wedding ring for the groom
  3. Origami
  4. Something fuzzy
  5. Something older than the bride
  6. Something you’ve never seen before
  7. A piece of litter
  8. Something natural and blue coloured
  9. Something you can wear around your neck

Have fun!



  1. Dee says:

    Thanks so much for this, we are going glamping and have been looking everywhere for an outdoorsy treasure/scavenger hunt!

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