Hen Party Game Idea No. 3: I Have Never…

October 13, 2014 by Faffy Tea

Here is our third Hen Party game idea!


How to Play:
This is a game to get to know your fellow hen party goers! Please note that this is a drinking game and can often get a little risqué, so is not recommended if playing with under 18s, family members or friends who are a little conservative. However, the game does not necessarily have to be rude if you make cards for the game in advance.

So in advance, make up or purchase cards that have a statement saying “Never Have I Ever” and then a crazy or unusual event or situation that many of the group might not have done or experienced. Some examples are:

‘… Been arrested’
‘… Pee’d in a swimming pool’
‘… Bungee jumped’

Make sure that an alcoholic drink is poured for all players, and mix up and place the cards face down. Everyone takes it in turn to pick and card and reads aloud to the group: “Never have I ever…. ”. Everyone in the group who HAS done the thing on the card has to take a gulp of their drink.

When the cards have run out, players should be relaxed enough to start making up their own “Never have I ever” statements!

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