Hen Party Game Idea No. 1: The Drawing Game

August 18, 2014 by Faffy Tea

Are you looking for tried-and-tested Hen Party games that are a lot of fun? Here’s the first idea:


This is a Pictionary style game, best played in front of a crowd. Remember ‘Win, Lose or Draw’ from the late 90s / early 00s?

What you Need:
• Drawing Game item cards OR your own words and phrases
• A large sheet of paper, preferably on a stand or easel
• Pens
• Some way of timing the game e.g. phone countdown timer app

How to Play:
Split the hen party guests into two teams and share out the game cards (or your own words and phrases) face down.

Each team takes it in turn to pick a member to be the Artist for the first round. The Artist from the 1st team selects a card from the selection (keeping it hidden from their team), and then has 30 seconds to draw the thing/phrase/person on the first card, whilst their team members shout out guesses. If somebody on their team guesses correctly within the time that team gets a point.

The Artist from the 2nd team then draws one card for their team to guess.

All team members must take turns being an Artist until the cards run out (or it’s time for food!). The team with the most points at the end wins.


Retro 1950s Hen Party Drawing Game
We have Drawing Game cards in our Etsy shop for instant download!

There are two Hen Party themes for the cards – a Retro 1950s and a Shabby Chic “Chicks & Bows” theme. Each set has 54 cards with words or phrases to draw. 36 cards have “Wedding”, “Romance” or “Movie” (Rom Com) words. 18 cards are optional and have more risque words or phrases. Download and print as many as you want for only £2.



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