Free Eurovision 2019 Scorecard – Quirky categories for rating the songs! Eurovision Song Contest Tel Aviv Scoresheet

May 17, 2019 by Faffy Tea

It’s ready! Our unofficial free eurovision scorecard for the Eurovision 2019 Grand Final is now available for downloading.

Rate the countries’ entries with five fun categories (much more interesting than any of the officical ones):

  • Song “Catchiness” – can you sing along by the third chorus?
  • Entertainment Factor – did the performance grab you, or did you get bored halfway through?
  • Sets, Staging & Props – video, interactivity, pyrotechnics, musical instruments?
  • Hotness of Performers – does the singer catch your eye? What about the dancers?
  • The “Element of Surprise” – is there a costume reveal halfway through? Unexpected drum solo? Hidden backup singers?

Free Eurovision 2019 Scorecard

The scorecard lists the countries, performers and songs in order – as confirmed at last night’s Eurovision Song Contest 2019 second semi-final. This year we’ve chosen a funky 90s “memphis” theme, with light colours so it doesn’t use tons of ink.



The scorecard / scoresheet is available as a JPEG file or PDF file in A4 size, so you can easily print it out at home on regular printer paper or light card.



Enjoy – and please come back next year!


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