Free Eurovision 2018 Scorecard – Quirky categories for rating the songs! Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon Scoresheet

May 11, 2018 by Faffy Tea

As you may or may not know, we create a Eurovision Scorecard every year for our own Eurovision party and share it with whoever wants it! If you’re having a Eurovision Party too, why not download our free printable Scoresheet for the 2018 Final in Lisbon and rate the countries’ performances.

We use five fun and easy categories:

  • Song “Catchiness” – can you sing along by the third chorus?
  • Entertainment Factor – did the performance grab you, or did you get bored halfway through?
  • Sets, Staging & Props – video, interactivity, pyrotechnics, musical instruments?
  • Hotness of Performers – does the singer catch your eye? What about the dancers?
  • The “Element of Surprise” – is there a costume reveal halfway through? Unexpected drum solo? Rap?


Free Eurovision 2018 Scorecard

The scorecard lists the countries, performers and songs in order – as confirmed at last night’s Eurovision Song Contest 2018 second semi-final. This year we’ve chosen a funky neon/retro theme, but with lots of light-coloured areas so it doesn’t use tons of ink.

Eurovision 2018 Scoresheet Printable

The scorecard / scoresheet is available as a JPEG file or PDF file in A4 size, so you can easily print it out at home on regular printer paper or light card.


Enjoy – and why not let us know who your favourite act was in the comments?



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