Crazy, Fun, Quirky, Geeky and Alternative Wedding Centerpieces & Table Decor Ideas

August 22, 2014 by Faffy Tea

Here are some highly unusual ideas for wedding table centerpieces / centrepieces. We particularly like those decor ideas that also work as entertainment for guests!

Crazy and Fun Wedding Centerpieces

1. Add a board game to the centre of every table. Let your guests have fun while they wait between courses! View on Pinterest
Picture © quickdraw_toys_and_party on eBay | LINK

2. Pub quiz! You could have questions about the bride and groom or something else entirely. Perhaps put one question per table so guests have to mingle between courses to find all of the questions? View on Pinterest
Picture © Sally T via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings | LINK

3. Instead of a flower arrangement, why not have a terrarium? This awesome Bigfoot Forest Deluxe Terrarium can be found on Etsy. View on Pinterest
Picture © Megatone230 on | LINK

4. Give all guests a wind-up toy each as their favour. Create a racing track across the table, and include a wrapped price or medal on every table for the race winner. View on Pinterest


Crazy Wedding Centerpieces

5. DIY ‘vase’ made of a spray painted action figure. Weird and cool at the same time! View on Pinterest
Picture © Onewed | LINK

6. Paper planes DIY table centerpiece. To make more interactive, include paper, wire and tape on the tables so guests can make their own planes to add to the vase. Encourage them to include messages on the wings too! View on Pinterest
Picture © | LINK

7. Put a cute bucket, basket or tub filled with Lego as your wedding table centrepiece. Let you guests play and build Lego creations between courses! This Lego themed bucket is available on Etsy. View on Pinterest
Picture © Owlsayit on | LINK

8. Every wedding guest gets a handbell which plays a different note. Include a music sheet with note-by-note instructions to play “your song”. Get guests to practice throughout the wedding breakfast then the whole wedding can play together at the end. View on Pinterest
Picture © chamberlainmusic on eBay | LINK

Pointing hand For even more ideas and inspiration, follow our Pinterest board!


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