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  1. Free “Monster Hunt” Printable Party Game for Kids – 12 cute monsters to hide around your venue

    August 24, 2015 by Faffy Tea

    Faffy Tea says: A few visitors have been having an issue with the PDF file for this printable! Please try and download again as we have changed the link. Or alternatively, download the zip folder.


    Today we have created another free kid-friendly party game to match our Monsters theme!

    Monster Hunt Printable Game

    There are 12 cute, numbered monsters to print, cut out and hide around your venue. Get the guests to find all of them! Each Monster prints to an A4 page, so you can use normal printer paper or white card.

    Game options:

    • Split guests into teams and make each Monster Hunter Team collect photo evidence that they have found all 12 monsters on a phone, camera or iPad.
    • Get guest to work together to collect up all of the monsters in the fastest time possible
    • Put a prize by each monster so that the more monsters the guests find, the more prizes they get to keep
    • Write a clue on the back of each monster, that leads the guests to the next monster, so that the game becomes a treasure hunt!


    Kids Monster Themed Party Game





  2. Top 5 Unusual Party Games for Adults: Part 2

    August 13, 2015 by Faffy Tea

    Last year we put together a list of some very unique party games for big kids (i.e. adults!) – Read part 1.

    Well, now it’s time to list some more!


    Unusual Party Game Idea Find a picture on the internet of a celebrity relevant to your party – the birthday boy/girl’s favourite star, or somebody who’s a bit of an inside joke for you and your friends. You’ll just need a shot of their head and shoulders, and preferably one where the celebrity is making a stupid or scary face (Arnie screaming in Kindergarten Cop works well – see photo!)

    Print out 20 or so pics of the celebrity image, and cut them out from their background (it will work best if they’re printed on to card).

    Hide the 20 celebrities around your house, so that they are peering out from cupboards, from behind the toilet cistern, out of a drawer, out of the toaster, in the fridge… anywhere that looks comical!

    Split your guests into teams and get them to find as many as they can. Once they find a celebrity they can remove them so the other team cant find them. The team who hunts the most celebrities wins!


    Pass it On Drawing Game This is a hybrid game, mixing Chinese Whispers with a Pictionary / Win, Lose or Draw style game!

    Prepare a number of word cards with people/places/songs/sayings/situations your guests will need to draw. Make them reasonably hard.

    Split your guests into two teams. You will need at least 6 people per team and even numbers in a team for this game to work well. Get the teams to arrange themselves in an order, and make sure that they are not sitting too close to each other. Give everyone in the team a pen and piece of paper.

    Let the first person in each team choose a different word card, and then give them 30 seconds to try to draw that word on their piece of paper, as best they can.

    When 30 seconds are up, the first person passes their drawing to the second person in their team. The second person looks at the drawing, hides it, and then writes down a guess of what the drawing is on their paper. This part is not timed.

    The second person passes their written guess to the third person. The third person is then given 30 seconds whilst they draw the second person’s guess on their piece of paper.

    When 30 seconds are up, the third person passes their drawing to the fourth person in their team. The fourth person looks at the drawing, hides it, and then writes down a guess of what the drawing is on their paper.

    … and so on until you get to the last member of the team. This member guesses out loud what they think the previous drawing is of. If they get it right they get a point!

    The game starts again with a different member of the team starting by picking a card.


    Unusual Party Game for AdultsSplit your guests into two teams.

    For each team set up a large bowl of Skittles (or another small sweet/biscuit variety).

    Also for each team set up a number of pieces of paper (50+) in another bowl, with a number between 1 and 8 written on each piece. The paper should be folded so guests can’t see the numbers.

    Make each team stand in a line and sound a bell or whistle to start! The team member at the front picks a piece of paper from the bowl and then has to count out and eat that exact number of Skittles from the bowl. They open their mouth to you to show that they have been eaten, then run to the back of the line and the next guest in the line picks from the bowl …and so on!

    The team wins when all of their Skittles have been eaten or they get through all of the pieces of paper.

    To make it harder:
    A. On the pieces of paper state a number AND a colour e.g. orange. So that guest not only has to eat the amount of Skittles but also has to pick out and eat only orange ones!

    B. Instead of numbers, on some of the pieces of paper make guests do a quick forfeit e.g. 5 Star Jumps or Give everyone in their team a high five! These guests will not eat any Skittles on that particular turn!


    Toys Race Party Game Why go to the races when you can create your own?

    Buy a number of cheap wind-up toys in the same style, shape and size. Create a race track with individual lanes by using strips of tape on a table. (Or if you’re really clever, build a race track in a large wooden box with sides built up to split the lanes).

    Get your guests to pick a toy each, or even get them to place bets on which toy will win. Wind up the toys and start your race! The guest who backed the winner gets a prize.


    Unusual Outdoor Party Game

    This is a game for outdoors only!

    Buy some water guns/pistols and then set up a water shooting range, for guests to have a go at knocking down objects.

    Anything that water can knock down will work, but ping-pong balls on top of a line of beer bottles or golf tees works very well.

    Give guests a certain number of ‘shots’/squeezes to shoot off as many ping pong balls as they can.


    Unusual Advent Calendar



  3. 90s Inspired Hen Party “Spill the Beans” Game – Printable conversation starters, confessions & silly questions cards

    July 7, 2015 by Faffy Tea

    This new printable game will get the conversation flowing at your Hen Party, Bacherlorette Party or Bridal Shower.

    1990s Hen Party Game

    We have been inspired by ‘Saved by the Bell’ and ‘Dreamphone’ style graphics from the early nineties – kitsch, vintage and awesome (and a perfect Hen Party fancy dress theme too!). This game matches our 90s Hen Party Kit.

    There are 54 game cards, and each has a question to pose to an individual or to the group. There is a mix of interesting conversation starters, silly philosophical questions, ‘Would You Rather’s and a chance for some confessions!

    The last 18 cards (Nos. 37-54) are a little bit more risque, naughty or offensive. These cards have pink coloured tops and can be used when guests have gotten to know each other a little better.

    Also included in the £2 pack are ‘blank’ cards for adding your own questions!!!

    pointing handBUY 1990s HEN PARTY SPILL THE BEANS GAME £2



  4. Hen Party Game Idea No. 5: Sticker “Icebreaker” Game – Unusual, fun, party game

    June 19, 2015 by Faffy Tea

    Unusual Hen Party Game Idea

    Here’s an unusual idea for a Hen Party or Hen Night game! A game to help “break the ice” and get your guests mingling and having fun.


    Unusual Hen Party Game

    1. Buy or make some bow shaped stickers in your party’s colour scheme.


    Hen Party Sticker Game

    2. Pick a word or phrase that will be banned for the entire evening e.g. Groom’s name.


    Hen Party Game Idea

    3. Give each of your guests 3 bow stickers to wear…


    Fun Hen Party Game

    4. If any guest hears another guest saying the banned word, they can steal one of their stickers!


    Hen Night Games

    5. The party guest with the most bows at the end of the evening wins! Have fun!



  5. Unusual kids party theme ideas – very unique and fun themes for children’s birthday parties!

    May 11, 2015 by Faffy Tea

    Here are our top 5 unusual and memorable theme ideas for kids’ birthday parties:

    1. Mad Scientist Party

    • Have a green, orange and black colour theme
    • Have your guests come dressed in labcoats and goggles!
    • For party food include popping candy, gold and silver edible glitter, and green jelly
    • Entertain guests by getting them to do science experiments (baking soda volcano and so on)
    • For party favours, fill test tubes with sweets


    2. Art Party

    • Use all the colours of the rainbow for decorations and tableware
    • Decorate your venue with frames, easels and paper ‘splats’
    • Get guests to decorate their own cupcake dessert, with edible paint, sprinkles and sweets in a plastic art palette
    • Let guests scribble on the tablecloth too!
    • For easy party favours these could include pens, a mini paint set, face paints and so on


    3. Enchanted Garden Party

    • Decorate your venue as a fairytale garden – use fake ivy, gold glitter, swans and butterflies
    • Get guests to make their own miniature garden!
    • Have a tea party theme for party food – with dainty sandwiches and cakes
    • Make a centrepiece using wellington boots and fake flowers
    • For party favours, give all guests a pair of fairy wings or butterfly wings to wear and take home


    4. Space Puppies Party

    • Why not amalgamate two completely different things that your child loves?
    • Decorate with stars, planets and rockets… and then mix in puppies, bones and lots of googly eyes
    • Give your guests unusual ‘space age’ food – marshmallows, sherbet, edible glitter and so on
    • Let guests play with glow sticks and glow bracelets (turn down the lights)
    • Use a puppy toy with a paper-mache spaceman helmet (made from a balloon) as the centrepiece


    5. Detective Party

    • Turn your venue into a detective headquarters – decorate with suitcases, drawers, clipboards and binder clips
    • When guests arrive give them their own detective glasses and magnifying glass
    • Entertain guests by setting up a treasure hunt for them to solve clues
    • Decorate party food with edible paint fingerprints
    • Serve doughnuts, drinks in takeaway “coffee” cups, moustaches and edible rice paper ‘notes’



  6. Hen Party Scavenger Hunt – Vintage, shabby chic 3-hour hunt for towns or cities

    February 9, 2015 by Faffy Tea

    Our tried-and-tested Scavenger Hunt for Hen Parties is now available in our shabby chic “Chicks & Bows” range.

    The hunt is suitable for a town or city location, and needs at least 3 people per team. We have tested the hunt around Bournemouth town centre, and most of the teams managed to complete all of the tasks within 3 hours.

    There are items to bring back, things to photograph and little tasks for the teams to complete (with photographic evidence).

    Scavenger Hunt for Hen Parties

    Here are some of the tasks included in the hunt!

    Bring back:
    – A job application form (the funnier the better!)
    – A home-made gift for the bride-to-be
    – Foreign currency

    – A swear word spelled out creatively
    – Evidence of a kiss from someone over 65
    – A human postcard

    Team Tasks (photograph):
    – Dress a team member in as many layers as you can (*See the photo evidence!)
    – Find a look-a-like of one member of your team
    – Look lost in a lingerie department

    Hen Party Scavenger Hunt

    “Dress a team member in as many layers as you can”

    Our printable scavenger hunt can be purchased from our Etsy Shop: for just £3!




  7. FREE Nautical Scavenger Hunt – Printable hunt sheets for an outdoor kids party

    February 6, 2015 by Faffy Tea

    A February Freebie!

    Free nautical scavenger huntOur free printable scavenger hunt (PDF) is perfect for a kids birthday, family party, or just a rainy day. It has a quirky nautical design, so definitely suited to pirate or sea-themed parties. The scavenger hunt has 14 items to collect, and needs to be played outdoors within a garden, park, woodland or outdoor attraction.

    The nautical theme matches our printable party pack that can be purchased from our Etsy shop, but this scavenger hunt printable is completely free to download and use.

    Print yourself at home on a normal inkjet or laser printer. Two hunt sheets fit on one sheet of A4 card or paper.



  8. FREE printable “Chirp” birdie forfeit cards for kids birthday parties, pass the parcel etc

    January 20, 2015 by Faffy Tea

    Another FREE printable by Faffy Tea!

    Free birdie forfeit cards18 x forfeit cards, with a cute birdie design, for a kid’s birthday party, entertainment for the family, or just on a rainy afternoon! The cards can also be used within another game e.g. Pass-the-Parcel.

    The forfeits are child friendly and family friendly (suitable for all ages). Also included in the download is a printable sheet of ‘blank’ cards (design without the text) so you can write in your own dares or tasks.

    The “Chirp” theme matches our printable party pack that can be purchased on our Etsy shop, but these cards are completely free.

    Print yourself at home on a normal inkjet or laser printer. The 18 cards fit on one sheet of A4 card or paper (they will print slightly smaller on US sized paper).



  9. Wedding Table Quizzes! Printable alternative guestbook idea, typographical vintage design

    November 12, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Brand new by Faffy Tea, we have printable wedding table quizzes, an alternative guestbook idea or simply to entertain your guests at the wedding breakfast!

    You can print as many as you need (from home or a professional printers) for all your guests for just one cost!

    Wedding table quizzes, alternative guestbook

    The quiz cards 3 per A4 page and look great on flecked or natural coloured card. However, the simple, vintage typography would suit most colour schemes or wedding themes.

    Wedding Table Quizzes | Gay wedding

    We have ‘Bride & Groom’, ‘Groom & Groom’ and ‘Bride & Bride’ variations!

    Bride and Bride Printable Wedding Table Quizzes

    We hope you like them!

    pointing handBUY ON ETSY: BRIDE & GROOM £2.50

    pointing handBUY ON ETSY: GROOM & GROOM £2.50

    pointing handBUY ON ETSY: BRIDE & BRIDE £2.50



  10. Christmas Games! Printable party games for all the family – entertain guests this Christmas day

    November 4, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Our “Christmas Village” printable party range has simple, family-friendly Christmas games that you can print from home:


    Christmas Gift Exchange Party Game Cards

    Simple version of ‘Yankee Swap’, ‘White Elephant’ or ‘Evil Santa’ – One-by-one each party guest picks a card and must swap the gift they are holding with another person’s gift, based on the swapping rule on the card. 36 cards, plus blank ones for adding your own rules

     BUY & PRINT FOR £2



    Christmas Forfeit Cards

    Christmas Themed Forfeit Cards – Use in a pass-the-parcel, put in crackers, play with the family on Christmas Day… 18 cards in two designs, plus blank ones for adding your own rules

     BUY & PRINT FOR £1.50



    Christmas Pictionary-style Drawing Game

    Christmas Drawing Game – Like ‘Pictionary’ or ‘Win, Lose or Draw’ with Christmas themed words, phrases, songs and movies to draw for others to guess. 36 cards, plus blank ones for adding your own rules

     BUY & PRINT FOR £2.00