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  1. Faffy Tea’s Etsy shop is closing due to new EU VAT rules

    December 23, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    We’re very sorry to announce that we will be closing the Faffy Tea Etsy shop from January 1st 2015.

    There are new VAT rules for selling digital products to EU countries that come into force that day, and Etsy has made it impossible for sellers to comply with the new laws, effectively rendering all instant download products on Etsy illegal. For this reason we are extremely sad that we will be closing, and you will not be able to buy Faffy Tea products from January 1st.

    However, there is a huge amount of backlash at the moment so anything can change. Our plan is to sell our printables via a new marketplace, and we’re aiming to get this ready by the end of January or early February.

    In the mean time please continue to download our free products, and follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news.

    You can also visit the EU VAT Action Team website if you think this could affect your business too:

    We have to add that we’re extremely disappointed that Etsy are not helping their digital sellers. The company is supposed to be ethical, friendly and a community at heart. They are going against the advice of the UK Revenue and Customs, and not listening to the needs of their sellers. #EUVAT #VATMOSS #VATMESS


  2. Christmas Flash Sale! 15% off our Christmas range until midnight Friday

    December 2, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Sorry, the flash sale has now ended. We’ll have another one soon!


    Christmas Flash Sale - 15% OffWe have a Christmas Flash Sale this week!

    15% off everything in our ‘Vintage Christmas Village’ range until midnight on Friday 5th December September.

    This is your chance to get everything you need for an awesome Christmas! Included in the sale is our Acts of Kindness advent calendar, full party kit, party invitations, cake / food toppers, Gift Exchange game, Drawing game, forfeit cards, print-your-own Christmas cards, decorative sign, bunting and cupcake wrappers!


  3. Monster Party Pack in Action!

    August 17, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    This week we’ve been photographing Faffy Tea products in “real life”! Here is our Monsters Party Pack in action.

    Monsters Party Pack Printables by Faffy Tea

    It’s so easy and cheap to grab one of our party packs and print all of your invitations, decorations and thank yous from home… just add food and drink for a instant party. You can cover your entire house in bunting if you want to! And all for a tenner.

    Pointing hand BUY ‘MONSTERS’ PARTY PACK ON ETSY £10

    Monster Invitations by Faffy Tea
    Monsters Party Sign by Faffy Tea

    Monster Cake Toppers by Faffy Tea
    Monsters Bunting by Faffy Tea

  4. Introducing Faffy Tea

    June 17, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Hello, we’re Faffy Tea!

    We create printable party packs, stationery and supplies. We sell some of our designs on as downloadable files you can print at home, and will offer tons of FREE printables on this blog too. We want to make most of the party planning as easy as possible for you, so provide a whole range of products in easy-to-print PDFs. Take a look at!

    Monsters Party PackWe are also bit obsessed with planning party games, as we believe guests shouldn’t ever be bored at a party. This means all ages, from toddlers to the oldies. We’ve organised so many games that it seemed a shame not to share them. So this blog will also give you loads of game ideas and free downloads.

    We’ll also be looking at the latest trends, sharing inspiration, and offering free downloads of printable invitations, bunting, characters, game cards, game sheets, cake toppers and so on.

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