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  1. What’s your Elf Name? Free fun printable for a festive Friday afternoon!

    December 12, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    What’s your elf name? Ours in Peppermint Icy-Cheeks!


    Click on the image above for a larger version to save or print!



  2. Christmas Flash Sale! 15% off our Christmas range until midnight Friday

    December 2, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Sorry, the flash sale has now ended. We’ll have another one soon!


    Christmas Flash Sale - 15% OffWe have a Christmas Flash Sale this week!

    15% off everything in our ‘Vintage Christmas Village’ range until midnight on Friday 5th December September.

    This is your chance to get everything you need for an awesome Christmas! Included in the sale is our Acts of Kindness advent calendar, full party kit, party invitations, cake / food toppers, Gift Exchange game, Drawing game, forfeit cards, print-your-own Christmas cards, decorative sign, bunting and cupcake wrappers!


  3. “Acts of Kindness” Printable Advent Calendar – now with UK and US versions

    November 20, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Why not embrace the real spirit of Christmas this year with an Acts of Kindness advent calendar for you or your kids?

    For an alternative to chocolates, sweets or toys (and we’ve even seen some this year with beauty products, tequila and beer!) do a good deed every day of advent and make someone smile.

    Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

    Our printable Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar is unique and is suitable for all ages (kids might need a little help)!

    Each day has a little foldable envelope which fits one of 24 daily “Acts of Kindness” / Good Deeds.

    Cards include:

    – Make an effort to smile at everybody
    – Write an uplifting note and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find
    – Make a homemade fat cake and hang out for the birds to eat

    Acts of Kindness DIY Advent Calendar

    Print, cut and stick the envelopes together, add a card for each day, and then string or stick them on your wall.

    DIY Advent Calendar

    Based on feedback from our lovely customers, we now have UK and US versions with some slight differences in language and the good deeds themselves.

    Vintage Village Advent Calendar


    pointing hand BUY UK VERSION £3.50 (+ VAT if you’re in the EU)


    pointing hand BUY US VERSION £3.50


  4. Christmas Games! Printable party games for all the family – entertain guests this Christmas day

    November 4, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Our “Christmas Village” printable party range has simple, family-friendly Christmas games that you can print from home:


    Christmas Gift Exchange Party Game Cards

    Simple version of ‘Yankee Swap’, ‘White Elephant’ or ‘Evil Santa’ – One-by-one each party guest picks a card and must swap the gift they are holding with another person’s gift, based on the swapping rule on the card. 36 cards, plus blank ones for adding your own rules

     BUY & PRINT FOR £2



    Christmas Forfeit Cards

    Christmas Themed Forfeit Cards – Use in a pass-the-parcel, put in crackers, play with the family on Christmas Day… 18 cards in two designs, plus blank ones for adding your own rules

     BUY & PRINT FOR £1.50



    Christmas Pictionary-style Drawing Game

    Christmas Drawing Game – Like ‘Pictionary’ or ‘Win, Lose or Draw’ with Christmas themed words, phrases, songs and movies to draw for others to guess. 36 cards, plus blank ones for adding your own rules

     BUY & PRINT FOR £2.00


  5. A Vintage Christmas – Classic and vintage-inspired Crafts, DIY, Decor ideas, and Partyware

    October 29, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    We are very inspired by the Christmasses of the past!

    On Pinterest we’ve been searching for vintage and vintage-inspired Christmas decorations, crafts, wrapping and partyware, as well as free graphics and ideas for some DIY projects before the big day! We will be adding to the board up until Christmas so why not give us a follow?

    Follow Faffy Tea’s board A Vintage Christmas – Decorating & Craft Ideas on Pinterest.

  6. Vintage-inspired “Christmas Village” printable decorations – cover your home in festive cheer!

    October 21, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    We have loads of printable Christmas decorations in our “Christmas Village” party range:

    Printable Christmas Decorations - Vintage Village Design

    Cake/Food Toppers  •  Bunting (2 sizes)  •  Decorative sign  •  Cupcake Wrappers

    All cost between £2-£3 and you can print as many as you like for one price to cover your house in festive cheer!



  7. Printable Christmas Party Invitations – Vintage “Christmas Village” Design just £3.00

    October 13, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    For inexpensive Christmas Party invitations, take a look at our “Christmas Village” printable invites!

    Printable Vintage Christmas Party Invitations

    For a one-off cost of £3.00, download the files and print as many of these cute and festive invitations as you need for all of your friends, family or colleagues.

     BUY NOW £3

  8. FREE Printable Christmas Village Garland – Cute, quirky banner decoration for the holidays!

    October 7, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    A freebie from our new Christmas range!

    FREE printable Christmas Village garland – with old English cottages, houses, a church and snow covered pine trees.

    Print out as many of the village shapes as you need on to plain card, and then string them up around your house or party venue.
    Free printable Christmas Village garland

    It’s not too early to start crafting and planning your Christmas decorating! Download the files using the link below:

    Pointing hand DOWNLOAD NOW

    Have you seen the rest of our Christmas range that matches this garland? Take a look at


  9. Print-your-own Christmas Cards – save money on cards this year with our ‘Let it Snow’ design

    October 7, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Christmas cards are very expensive! To save money this year, why not print your own?

    For a one-off cost you can print as many of our ‘Let it Snow’ vintage village Christmas cards as you need for all of your family and friends… just print on to plain card (or blank card stock) from your printer at home.

    Print your own Christmas cards

    Upon purchase you will receive a link to immediately download the digital files. These are A6 sized cards when folded, so fit into standard card sized envelopes. In the pack there is a file for printing two cards per A4 page (for plain card) and a file for printing one card per A5 page (if you’re using blank card stock).

    Pointing handBUY ON ETSY


  10. “Acts of Kindness” Advent Calendar – Embrace the spirit of Christmas with a daily good deed!

    October 1, 2014 by Faffy Tea

    Instead of a chocolate calendar on December 1st, why not embrace the real giving spirit of Christmas this year and have an Acts of Kindness advent calendar for you or your kids?

    You can set up a daily good deed list for 1st – 24th December; a small act of kindness that could make the difference to someone’s day.

    Print out each deed/task and put it inside numbered boxes or envelopes, or write them behind the doors of your regular calendar.

    Here are some ideas for the kind deeds:

    1. Write a real letter to someone far away and post it
    2. Take a small amount of money and leave it in a public place for someone to find
    3. Do a chore without being asked
    4. Take some canned food to a food bank
    5. Make an effort to smile at everybody
    6. Call your parents / grandparents for a catch up

    Acts of Kindness printable Advent Calendar
    If you don’t have the time to think of your own, take a look at our printable Acts of Kindness advent calendar that you can purchase for £3.50.

    Simply print, cut and stick the envelopes together, add a deed card for each day, and then string them on your wall.

    We’ve used cute little wooden pegs so the envelopes can easily be opened each day. For more images visit

    Use again and again every December if you like, and don’t forget to send us photos if you use it!

    BUY NOW £3.50