1. What’s in your stocking this year? Festive fun!

    December 5, 2018 by Faffy Tea

    We want to predict what you’re going to get in your stocking this year!

    Find out from our tongue-in-cheek mini quiz below!

    What's in your stocking mini quiz

    Click on the image to view a larger version or save.


  2. Black Friday? How about #ShopLocal or #ShopSmall

    November 22, 2018 by Faffy Tea

    Wow, we haven’t posted since the Summer! Sorry about that. Faffy Tea HQ has moved recently which has been very time-consuming.

    Don’t forget to check out our Christmas products and get your Acts of Kindness or Self Care advent calendar before December 1st.

    Black Friday

    It’s #BlackFriday tomorrow, but we won’t be taking part this year by discounting Faffy Tea products.

    Instead, we’re going to make an effort to promote shopping locally or shopping from small businesses.

    Shop Locally Shop Small Black Friday

    One purchase from a small business in your local area or online can make a huge difference to someone who has taken a risk and set out on their own to make themselves a living. Buying from one of the big multinationals tomorrow won’t make an impact on anyone, whereas buying just one item from a small business will.

    While your browsing websites tomorrow, why not take a look on Etsy or Folksy, or while you’re shopping take a visit to your local Christmas craft market.


    … and finally Happy Thanksgiving to our US customers today!




  3. 20% off all products this week to celebrate our 4th birthday!

    July 17, 2018 by Faffy Tea

    Wow, it’s been a while since we posted, sorry about that!

    Faffy Tea 4th Birthday

    Today is our 4th birthday!

    We’re celebrating by giving you 20% all purchases from our Etsy shop until Sunday 22nd.

    Just use code 4THBIRTHDAY during the checkout process.

    20% off voucher




  4. Free Eurovision 2018 Scorecard – Quirky categories for rating the songs! Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon Scoresheet

    May 11, 2018 by Faffy Tea

    Hello visitor! This is the 2018 Eurovision Scoresheet so the countries and acts participating are out of date! 2019 Scorecard Arrives on Friday May 17th 2019


    As you may or may not know, we create a Eurovision Scorecard every year for our own Eurovision party and share it with whoever wants it! If you’re having a Eurovision Party too, why not download our free printable Scoresheet for the 2018 Final in Lisbon and rate the countries’ performances.

    We use five fun and easy categories:

    • Song “Catchiness” – can you sing along by the third chorus?
    • Entertainment Factor – did the performance grab you, or did you get bored halfway through?
    • Sets, Staging & Props – video, interactivity, pyrotechnics, musical instruments?
    • Hotness of Performers – does the singer catch your eye? What about the dancers?
    • The “Element of Surprise” – is there a costume reveal halfway through? Unexpected drum solo? Rap?


    Free Eurovision 2018 Scorecard

    The scorecard lists the countries, performers and songs in order – as confirmed at last night’s Eurovision Song Contest 2018 second semi-final. This year we’ve chosen a funky neon/retro theme, but with lots of light-coloured areas so it doesn’t use tons of ink.

    Eurovision 2018 Scoresheet Printable

    The scorecard / scoresheet is available as a JPEG file or PDF file in A4 size, so you can easily print it out at home on regular printer paper or light card.


    Enjoy – and why not let us know who your favourite act was in the comments?

    Hello visitor! This is the 2018 Eurovision Scoresheet so the countries and acts participating are out of date! 2019 Scorecard Arrives on Friday May 17th 2019




  5. Selfie Scavenger Hunt – Free 1 hour indoor Selfie mobile / cellphone game sheets

    March 19, 2018 by Faffy Tea

    Here’s another idea if you or your kid are bored or for a group of teens who are stuck indoors. Big kids can play too! It’s also great for a indoor party game if you have a lot of guests in a large house.

    The scavenger hunt gives a list of selfies that must be taken on a mobile phone / cellphone / tablet in the space of 1 hour. Players can find all of the items, locations and situations to take a selfie with around the house.

    Selfie Scavenger Hunt

    Anyone playing the game must think creatively as the selfies are rated out of 5!

    The game can be played with 1 person (although they might need to find someone to judge your selfies at the end of the game).

    Download for free as a printable PDF or JPG file. Print as many sheets as you need:




  6. Free Kindness Scatter Cards – for National Random Acts of Kindness Day

    February 5, 2018 by Faffy Tea

    This February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day!

    For a simple, easy way to share kindness on Saturday, print out our free Kindness Scatter Cards and hand out to strangers or leave for them to find.

    A little uplifting note could make someone’s day! You could even attach them to a chocolate bar or a £5/$5 note for a bigger act of kindness.

    Free printable Kindness Scatter Cards

    P.s. Try not to litter!

    Random Acts of Kindness Scatter Cards




  7. Black Friday / Indie Friday Sale – 15% off all Christmas products for today only

    November 24, 2017 by Faffy Tea

    It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re partaking in Black Friday or #IndieFriday today, everyone loves a bargain right?

    Black Friday Indie Friday Sale Faffy Tea

    We have 15% off all of our Christmas products on Etsy today. No need for a discount code – go and browse our Christmas shop now.

    The deal includes our most popular products:

    Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar
    The Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar
    Do a little good deed every day of advent! 24 acts of kindness cards in cute mini envelopes

    Self Care Advent Calendar
    The Self Care / Mindfulness Advent Calendar
    Look after yourself this December – 24 self care tips and activities in mini envelopes

    Christmas Gift Exchange Game
    Christmas Gift Exchange Game
    A simple card game with rules for swapping presents – great for Secret Santa or Yankee Swap!

    Christmas Pictionary-style Drawing Game
    Christmas Drawing Game
    A ‘Pictionary’ style game with 54 Christmassy things to draw

    Enjoy and be quick! The deal ends at 23:59 GMT.



  8. Self Care / Mindfulness Advent Calendar – 24 printable self care cards and mini envelopes

    November 1, 2017 by Faffy Tea

    Finding the time to take proper care of yourself can be hard. Our lives are busy and stressful.

    This December, instead of having a piece of chocolate or a gin every day in your advent calendar, you can instead get a little self care tip.

    Show yourself some kindness and spend a little bit of time on your wellbeing every day this Christmas / Holiday season with our new Self Care / Mindfulness Advent Calendar.

    Self Care Advent Calendar

    Our printable calendar consists of 24 mini envelopes (with calming festive images), and 24 self care cards with activities for the day which can be used in any order.

    Mindfulness Printable Advent Calendar

    Cards include activities such as:

    • On your commute to work or lunch break, find five things you think are beautiful and make a mental note
    • Play your favourite song of all time (as loud as possible) and sing or dance along. Play it twice if you have time!
    • In a notebook, start to write down any compliments you receive over the next month so that you can look back on them later on

    Self Care Wellbeing Advent Calendar

    Print, cut and stick the envelopes together, add a card for each day, and then string or stick them on your wall.

    Self Care Advent Calendar - printable mindfulness

    pointing hand BUY ON ETSY £3.50 (+ VAT if you’re in the EU)



  9. Free “Honest” Christmas Gift Tags – Printable present tags with sarcastic messages for friends, family and colleagues with a sense of humour

    October 2, 2017 by Faffy Tea

    Christmas is a time for honesty, right?

    We’ve created some printable gift tags with some very honest messages for your friends, family or colleagues!

    Free Printable Honest Christmas Gift Tags

    These use our Vintage Christmas Village design theme.

    There are 12 tags which can be printed on one sheet of A4 card, and they are available as a PDF or JPG. Enjoy!

    Free Printable Honest Christmas Gift Tags

    Honest Christmas Gift Tags




  10. Free Printable Birthday Calendar – Modern design A4 size printable PDF & JPG

    September 5, 2017 by Faffy Tea

    Wow it’s been a while since we posted! Apologies – we’ve moved to Bristol recently and had a lot of things to do.

    Today Jodi was updating her calendar of birthdays that she has on the wall in the Faffy Tea office, and realised that it no longer suits the decor. So she designed a new one! And we’re sharing it with you all.

    Printable Birthday Calendar

    It’s a funky modern design, but is still mostly white in colour so it won’t use up too much precious ink. Enjoy!

    Birthday Calendar Printable

    Pointing handDOWNLOAD CALENDAR (pdf)

    Pointing handDOWNLOAD CALENDAR (jpg)